Dust Suppression - Windbreak / Windproof - Desert / Coast Sand - Snow Drifting Control


Green (Tianjin) Technology Development Company, Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer specializes in the production and installation of steel windbreak and dust suppression system. Green Technology windbreak net and dust suppression net products are scientific and effective solutions for the ports, terminals, power plants, cement factories, coal mines, roads, railway, agriculture and other fields that face the problem of wind and dust pollution. Green (Tianjin) Technology Development Company Ltd executes meticulous quality control on its products under ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 and ISO18001: 2001 quality management system requirements. Green Technology has established close cooperation with universities, research and design institutes to guarantee superior quality and excellent performance of the steel windbreak and dust suppression wall system. Professional and qualified sales team ensures efficient, fast, convenient and all-around service on time.